How Logitech continues to thrive in the post-PC world

PC is down. We’ve been hearing that story and looking at the numbers for years and we all know it’s true. But even in the midst of that decline, you will be surprised to hear how well a company like Logitech progresses. Despite its deep connection to PCs, the small, standalone company continues to be relevant in its various types of context – be it high-end audio or gaming peripherals. We took a look back at the benefits of logitech in Washington’s campus to see how it thrives in a world where we rely less and more on PCs.


A long history in audio

Logitech is the first and best known manufacturer of PC rats and keyboards. It was founded in Switzerland in the early part of the decade – and by 20 the company sold over a billion rats. You are bound to use at least one in your life but Logitech knew that if you wanted to grow it, you had to expand it beyond the mouse and the keyboard. The small, independent company continues to be relevant in its various initiatives. In 2001, Logitech acquired a competitor based in Vancouver, Washington called LabTech, a company with a rich history of desktop peripherals. Logitech didn’t have much experience at the time: computer speakers.

This is how we benefit from the heritage logic, “said Philip DePalens, VP of Logitech Audio, told Digital Trends.” We still have 15 [LabTech employees] in that era. Logitech is very good at integrating different components from different places. After the acquisition of LabTech, Logitech quickly upgraded its computer peripheral By adding audio devices to the lawns and building their own audio engineering facilities, even though they are both plugged into a PC, engineering speakers are very different from rats or keyboards.

Logitech continues to thrive in the post-PC

Although they are both plugged into a PC, engineering speakers are very different than rats or keyboards. On the other side of the spectrum, Logitech has built comfortable listening rooms where they blindly test its speakers. In the dark room of the couch, the audience can switch between different systems as well as the style of music and volume. The idea is to give Logitech engineers an idea of ​​what the average person listens to, so that they can properly calibrate the speakers based on how people experience the music.

But Logitech didn’t just create this advanced testing facility for computer speakers. In addition to LabTech in the early 2000s, the company made several significant acquisitions – namely, Ultimate Airs (UE) and Jaybird. Two consumer audio companies, one for audiophiles and one for practice, still retain their own identity, but are now under Logitech’s umbrella company. As you know, desktop speakers are a business that is currently declining, Dapalanes said. “There is no secret around it. We need to embrace new form factors and new behaviors. The addition of Bluetooth speakers and headphones from these acquisitions allows Logitech to expand beyond the PC when it is needed more than ever.

Digging deep into gaming

The other big area where Logitech continues to prosper is gaming. This is one of the only areas of PC manufacturing where interest is not growing, but growing. More importantly, it’s a demographic that is passionate about its peripherals, be it rats, keyboards, speakers or headphones. Logitech captured it.

The first gaming products produced by Logitech in the mid-nineties were Classic Wingman Genstics – a great weapon for the more civilized age. Nowadays, it’s all about Logitech G, the company’s new dedicated gaming brand. It was e-launched in 28 with refreshing rats and keyboards, adding gaming style and performance to its products. Be it affordable options like the Prodigy G203 or wireless G903 lightspeed, Logitech G has quickly become a cornerstone of the gaming world and also showcases a list of the best gaming rats you can buy.

When we started to understand we could create a beautiful ecosystem around a desk between a mouse, a keyboard, and a speaker, “DePalanes said.” It’s about creating an ecosystem where not only sound and input, but also light. We realized that your keyboard Sometimes it’s easier to look to the right or left of your screen than to look at the bottom. Combined with the game of battle, speaker lights help determine the tone of the gaming space – and with high-end audio and new gaming products adding a special element to immerse games in our experience, we can see how we use computers today in this new age. A company can crank up volume on its strength without leaving behind.

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