Fans petition Microsoft to save the Surface Phone from cancellation

Do you know what Surface Phone is up to? Fans are hoping the grassroots campaign will help persuade Microsoft to reverse its decision to cancel its unidentified dual-screen computing device. A petition is asking Surface Phone’s hopeful buyers to add their signature, known as its Andromed code, in an attempt to force Microsoft to launch the project later this year.

“All fans of Windows Phone want to release the Surface Andromeda Phone Project, the Surface Phone alias, with the screen of a phone that can be turned into a Microsoft phone, the petition states. Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface Phone like a leak, they are viable. Must be because everyone knows why Microsoft will be able to give a reason for not doing it there No investors, it should lose a lot of money opportunity.

Surface Phone

Fans Create Petition to Save the Surface Phone

Zachary Hinsky, the original author of the Change.RG application, estimates that customers may not mind paying for the device. This price will be compatible with some of today’s flagship phones, including the iPhone model from Apple, but it’s unclear whether Microsoft will be able to get lower prices, given the size and components of the design. .

Although Microsoft has never officially announced that it is working on this national device, recent leaks suggest that the Surface Phone will be a “disruptive” device that can convert up to five standalone modes for a 360০-degree hinge. However, unlike the convertible notebook today, the Surface Phone will come in a more compact design that is said to be pocketable, allowing it to look and feel like a smartphone when it’s turned off.

It has recently been reported that Microsoft is revisiting its Surface Phone strategy. The ZDINet report said it was partly due to schedule and quality, but there were still many reasons why Microsoft still has no compelling reason to come to market with the current iteration of a small, dual-screen mobile device. However, ZDINet says that this does not mean that the Surface Phone has been discontinued and that it can be launched in the future with a form factor that is more like a foldable PC than a phone sized device. Technically, since Microsoft never officially announced this device, the company never really canceled the Surface Phone. For his part, Hinsky said he made this application as a survey “to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft released it. At the time of this posting, there were 250 supporters of the application.

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