What is a dedicated server and why?

In today’s episode of the Domain Hosting Blog topic course, we will talk about dedicated servers. Gradually we will answer all the questions related to domain hosting. Stay with us.

The dedicated server itself is a computer system. If you have this server, it means that you can use it on your own. You can install software on this server just like your home computer, you are able to shut down or restart it.


Why a dedicated server is required:

If you have too many visitors of your own.
Install software that is not allowed on shared hosting.
If your website needs too much security.
Web hosting business who does. Dedicated to those who share the sale.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

You can use your own server. You can either shut down the server or restart if you want. If you want to turn off any port you can access the server bios, you can do that. In that case, you have to take a managed service.

A dedicated server is a self-contained Internet server. Where users can use their own operating system, hardware, software. And the dedicated server has its own resource which is not shared, but the user can share and use the resource if desired. That is, a dedicated server has complete control over the user. What you are given in your dedicated VPS, you will get it, others will not share it or you will not get the share of others. For example KVM VPS.

A dedicated server is used for high traffic web site, web hosting business or corporate service.

Let’s see an example of a dedicated server:

PROCESSOR: Xeon Quad-Core X3440 2.53GHz

Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated web hosting is now used for all kinds of small and large businesses as it gives you a lot more flexibility. One information here is enough “You can enjoy the benefits of 5 shared

hosting users or 5 VPS users alone”. Hosting a good dedicated server allows you to give millions of visitors the opportunity to browse your website. Dedicated hosting allows you to control everything. If the budget is low, first you will get shared hosting, then upgrade to VPS as needed, and when there are many visits to your website, you will take a dedicated hosting.

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