What is a Web Server

Ever wondered how this page loaded into your browser? Maybe you are currently sitting in front of a computer, reading this article, this page is open in front of your browser, you may have clicked on more links and the page appeared in front of you. But do you know about the behind-the-scenes work to complete it? All of these topics are associated with a term called Web Server. When people listen to a server, they often think that it is a physically evil computer that is kept in a cold room, much like a supercomputer. Is that so? So what is a web server? Let’s explore everything today‚Ķ

What is a Web Server

The web server usually completes the task of accessing all pages from the Internet to your computer browser. So what is this “webserver”? In fact, “server” means not a giant computer wreck, not even a single computer. so what? “Server” is basically a software program that works on HTTP protocols to reach web pages that request users. It does not require any huge computing system to operate, it is possible to run on a normal USB drive (Pendrive) with XAMPP server software.

The computers used to host websites must have server programs installed. But yes, those who provide you with website hosting services have many dedicated computing systems. Their large computers have server applications such as Apache, IIS, or NGINX installed. Or you can provide server services using a server built-in operating system such as Windows IIS (Internet Information Server) or Ubuntu Linux.

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This is about a professional server, but depending on the term, you can use your computer as a server. If your computer is currently running on a Windows operating system, you can make your PC a local server or localhost by launching the IIS service from the “Programs and Features” option in the Control Panel. Once IIS is enabled, you can insert any HTML file into the “c:\inetpub\wwwroot” directory and run it on the server. Again you can install a small program called XAMPP on a computer and run a PHP script. Many use this software to run PHP scripts like “WordPress”, “Joomla” etc. on their own PC. After making your PC server, you can view your locally hosted pages using any web browser, and your server can be accessed from any computer or smartphone on the same network connected to your PC.

So you must have known by now what is the real explanation for the term “webserver”. The server helps to serve web pages from one computer to another; This is the basic term. But to complete this term there are many processes to be completed, I will discuss these topics in the rest of the article.

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